Monday, 25 July 2011

event: Craft Connected - the craftscotland conference

craftscotland are delighted to present Craft Connected, the first craftscotland conference, to coincide with the rebrand of the organisation and the launch of our new website. We are also thrilled to announce that Garth Johnson, Assistant Professor of Art at College of the Redwoods in California, will be the first keynote speaker at the event.

Craft Connected will explore what it means to be truly connected in today's world. The contacts we make and people we meet are now a tiny part of what it means to properly connect with the world we live in. Our sector is becoming more innovative at connecting with other industries, economies and markets whilst retaining the essential characteristics of craft.

The craftscotland conference will take place on Saturday 27 August 2011 at The Collins Gallery in the heart of Glasgow. The Collins Gallery has become a welcome connection of craftscotland's this year, since we held a partnership exhibition, Unite, in the Gallery throughout April. It is a one day event which coincides with the exhibition 'From Quilts to Couture in Kyrgyzstan'. There will be time for conference delegates to see the exhibition during the day.

Our first keynote speaker, Garth Johnson, travels the world speaking to people about the resurgence of craft in the USA. His definition of craft is the broadest we have come across and many of his projects connect different parts of the craft spectrum to each other. Garth, who lives and works in Eureka, California, is a craft polymath. A writer, artist, educator, curator, speaker, ceramicist and inspirer of ideas, Garth encourages and provokes his audience to think about craft in different ways.

date: 27th August 2011

venue: Collins Gallery - Glasgow

contact: Full details at:

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